Aliso Beach - You're My Favorite!

Today's the day we are showing Grandma our most favorite beach as of yet in life- Aliso Beach. It's super stunning ocean view and clear blue waters make it hard to not rank #1 in our books! Hopefully Grandma will enjoy it as much as us. We brought a kite too...

 If we could just get it in the air...
 It's going ..up...up...up...
 #2, #3, Grandma, and #1
 #1 looking so handsome.

 All of us- I just love this place!
 Now, to figure out how to obtain a house like this. This one would do of course too--it's stunning!
Time to go and I'm met with looks of "not yet" by their little faces. Too bad though- it's dinner time! On to Downtown Disney and some delicious dinner.
 Looks like we have found the best place ever to partake in dinner!!
 Everyone is a happy camper at a Disney Buffet!
 The boys and I
All of us -- way too full -- and ready for bed.....right after the fireworks show!! Tomorrow marks leaving day...On the road again......

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