Lulu's at Homeport

We started tonight's adventure with a trip on the Dauphin Island ferry,
 so we could go over to Lulu's at Homeport restaurant for dinner. 
Here's the website info and menu's

 After a much enjoyed ferry ride we arrived at Lulu's and were 
greeted by these large fun footprints in the parking lot.
 The kids saw this from afar and begged to go on. It was kind of a no brainer to agree and send them up. It's only $12 per kid and there didn't seem to be any time limit. Since we had a long wait (I'm assuming since it was peak season), they played the whole time we waited.

 To pass our waiting time my Aunt and I indulged in some adult beverages. I started the night with a "Jet Ski Killer" on the rocks. It's a delicious combo of spiced rum, coconut rum, blue curacao, banana puree, and pineapple juice. Oh yum!! It was very tasty and I wasn't driving!

 The place is huge. It has a store, 2 stages, a sandpit for the kids, and bars all over,
 and of course water all around to gaze at.
 #2 and #3 playing in the water area.
 My Aunt Gen and I.
 #2 and #3 playing in the huge sand pile.
 #2 posing in front of one of the many palm trees.

Once we were seated, we started with fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. I never had them, so didn't know what to expect and I completely enjoyed them! Definitely recommend giving them a try. For dinner I had the Mahi Taco's. Delicious and huge. So be really hungry or share with a friend. #1 had the fried crab claws basket. They were good, but taste mostly like the breading. The service was great, the staff was friendly, and there was live entertainment. Very enjoyable dinner, the kids loved it, and I look forward to coming again in the future!

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