More Museum Photos

#3 is in love with the art museum . I couldn't be happier about that! He's learned in our visit about Impressionist and Renaissance art, geometric and organic shapes, about colors and blending, and more. I had such a hard time getting him to leave. We spent 5 1/2 hours there, only leaving because it was closing!

 The biggest kaleidoscope I have ever seen. It was so much fun to play with. 
The picture below is an inside shot.

 After a long day at the museum, it's wind down time with apple juice and snacks! We ate so many snacks at happy hour that we wouldn't normally consume- such as liquid cheese nacho's -- addicting! I'm going to have to relinquish my current wardrobe while at this hotel and stick with loose sundresses until we leave and the nacho indulgences cease. Then it's back to clean eating! Thank goodness the kids don't swell up from eating garbage food! 
Off to go find #2 and inquire about her day at camp!

#3's First Art Museum Visit

 We walked to the Art Museum so #3 could feed his friends! #2 started her sewing camp today, so she was awake and out the door by 7am! She was so excited and nervous at the same time, but Grandma and Aunt Nan were there to hold her hand! #3 and I slept in until a 1/2 hour before the hotel stopped serving breakfast-- there was no way we were missing yummy cooked to order omelets and waffles!!
 Here he's posing in front of the art museum's fountain. He insisted on carrying the umbrella and wearing a sweatshirt. It was super hot and sunny, but not worth the argument!

 This photo was part of an exhibit. We thought it was super cool!

This painting was his favorite. He said the grapes looked as though you could reach in and grab them!

 I wanted to take this huge chalice back to the hotel to bring to happy hour for my personal use!

 Along with this ginormous bowl-- it would fit so many chips, saving me numerous trips
to the complimentary snack buffet!

 I also want one of these to add to my lawn ornament collection!!

 This is another of #3's favorites.

 He thought the race car was fun too!

 This was my favorite piece. The words carved in the left top corner say "Leaving home to see". I feel as if it sums up my summer intentions in four simple words! I never could comprehend how or why people would spend so much on art-- but seeing this picture made me "get it". I was moved! I wanted to be able to carry this piece with me, adding it to one of my walls -- ensuring I could lay my eyes upon it daily. Needless to say- it wasn't for say - nor do I have the bank roll!! But I do now own a pretty photograph of it!
While in the photography exhibit #3 felt he needed to also snap some shots-- including this upside down one. His original intention was just himself , but I snuck in as I saw him get ready to click!! Perfect timing!

#3's Photos

#3 took the camera at the pool today and played photographer. Saying to us-- "Just give me emotion-- 
show me that smile--- you're great at this"--- all while in a funny accent. 
His original album consisted of over 200 pictures!!

He caught this great photo of #2!

As well as this one! She might not love that I put this one online!

He talked me into snapping this one after a few failed attempts. He couldn't reach far enough to get us all in!

One of my  favorites!! Such a cutie pie! Only if he behaved as well as he photographs!!

There's none of number 1 because he's still at space camp. He called the first night to tell me he was hungry, he didn't like dinner that much, and he wasn't allowed to leave the dorm to get food, but he wanted to go to the vending machine, because he couldn't sleep hungry. So I responded to just go to the vending machine so he could sleep. He was worried. So I told him-- if he got in trouble he'd still have 2 more mistakes to make before getting the boot- so go ahead. They operate a 3 strikes and you're out policy. He was shocked I gave him permission, but if he won't be able to sleep starving, then he'd be out of it the next day. I paid too much for him to not reap the full benefit!! 

I didn't hear from him after that and the camp didn't call, so I was unsure of the outcome. When I picked him up I was shocked to learn , that he did a responsible thing that first night-- he went and found the counselor and asked for permission to leave to get a snack! I'm so proud of him!! He told the truth and learned that it works!! Yay!!

More Huntsville canal walk pictures

 #2 and #3 in front of the eternal flame of Huntsville. They learned that Olympic 
torches are lit form eternal flames across the world.

Once the kids started feeding the animals --they came across the lake to swarm them!

So the kids made friends with a goose they called "the red head". It jumped out of the
water to follow them and their food. Both kids jumped as well!!

The red head taking food from #2

Isn't this a beautiful walking path along the canal!

This was one of the "redheads" nest. We first saw it sitting here, so we went in to get some bread to feed it, came out, and the redhead was in the water. We saw that it's egg was cracked. Everyday the bird sat on it's broken egg. It was really sad.

First Day in Huntsville

First day in Huntsville walking along that canal we can see from our room. #2 and #3 threw some bread in to feed the fish. One jumped up and splashed and it startled both of them!
#2 was so peaceful feeding the wildlife! This picture is out of order and I can't get it to move!  It should be after the one below!

More than just the fish were receptive to being fed!

 These little ducks decided to follow around #3. It was really funny. We walked along the canal to the park across the street. Then more decided to flock #3!

#3 was like snow white where the animals were drawn to him. Tiny birds were swooping in to snatch bread from the ducks and the geese. This goose was bold enough, coming right up to #3. It ate the bread out of his hand. Then it chased him around for more. #3 was running away , while turning around periodically to growl and hiss back at the thing! I couldn't stop laughing-- on lookers found amusement as well!  

View From Our New Room

We have made our way south and entered Alabama. Huntsville is hosting #2's sewing camp. She will be attending with her Grandma and Aunt. The whole summer trip was planned around this event! 

We can get to this park from the back of the hotel. It's so relaxing to stroll along this canal. The walk ways are lined with benches and flowering trees. It continues for a long while, the water connects and there's walkways under the streets to get to the other side.

This is the park that's across the street. It connects to the first picture. The art museum is the building in the background. On the lawn in front of the museum, the town has movies in the park on Friday nights.

The view below I just thought was nice to gaze out-- so pretty with the mountains in the back!

Funny Dumb Moment

When I was at the parent orientation at space camp- the director told us to get out our pens and write down an emergency phone number . So I comply and do what he says and he states the number as 186 then space. So I'm waiting for him to continue- I already wrote down 186 ... what are the rest of the numbers. He repeats the same thing - so I figure he means like space as in space bar and I'm mentally trying to figure out what key would be the space key on the phone as I visualize the keypad. I can't figure it out and just as I am about to raise my hand he says-- for those of you that needs numbers they correspond with the letters S-P-A-C-E and rattles off  the numerical translation.

Thank Goodness I did not raise my hand! I thought I was embarrassed when #3 pretended to cry as if he was beat to obtain a milk shake -- I would have been mortified! Sometimes I wish my brain would always work and remain in a constant "ON" position-- but so far -- no such luck!!

Someplace New

After posting last night my mom arrived!! Yeah! I love time spent with my mom! She came so her and #2 can go to Sewing Camp this week. Then she plans on traveling with us to the next location after camp ends.

So we have moved again. We packed up and brought our keys to the desk and the lady upon seeing me said " Aah room 1220 so your stay has ended - have a nice trip home" I think she really wanted to say "I'm so glad you're leaving and so is maintenance!". I had to call a few times about stupid stuff that wasn't my fault! Oh well - I'm glad to go on to the next place!

 Our temporary home is in Huntsville, AL at Embassy Suites. This chain is my favorite hotel place to stay when not in a time share. It has such spacious rooms and the cooked to order breakfast is one of my favorite things! Plus they offer a complimentary happy hour every night for 2 hours -- love it- Bonus! They even put kid friendly snacks out as well-- keeping all of us happy!

After settling in I decided to call Husband- and as I was on the phone with him in the bedroom I hear "Mama help ! and Mama come quick" so I hang up on Husband, and run into the other room to find #3 under the couch cushion and #2 sitting on top laughing! They scared me-- all I thought at first was "great- is #3's head stuck in some piece of furniture or did he finally break a bone-- or is his current wound bleeding" Gosh all that scare for nothing! I unearthed #3 from the cushion , then continued to unpack-- forgetting to fill Husband in .  Oops-- so about 20 minutes goes by and he calls and asks if anythings broke and I filled him in it was a false alarm -- thank goodness. Feeling like Whoops I let him worry for a while!

Then we made our way to sewing camp check in to pick up all of #2's mmaterials. She is so excited! So is Grandma. My Aunt came in today too!! So it's really nice. We all went to happy hour-- #2 dropped her plate of snacks on the ground and watched it shatter. Many ladies came to her rescue and all I thought was -- "Shocker" It's par for our course to be the center of attention! So I took her hand , made her a new plate, informed the bartender and walked away-- she was so embarrassed! Then ordered a beer so I could calm down!!

Afterwards we ordered take out and had a nice dinner with my Mom and Aunt, and then bath and an early bedtime. Thank goodness- these kids needed some early shut eye!
Until tomorrow!

Another Museum Squeezed In

Tomorrow we depart Nashville and head on to another destination, so I thought we should squeeze in one more museum-- smarten the kids up! We went to the Adventure Science Center. It's a fun place- we went last year. It wasn't very crowded- thank goodness, and we got in for free with our science foundation membership.

I pray this is the only time-- or way that #3 has the privilege
of being in the back of an ambulance!

#2 and 3 playing a game against germs

Future Doctors???

The pulley they were hanging on lifted the car. If you look close you can
see the wheels lifted off the ground.

This car showed how an engine works. As you see they weren't very
interested in learning specifics-- they just wanted to play pretend! 
They got to sense how it feels to walk on the moon . While in line #3 called another child a name because he thought he cut in line. The kid ran to his dad and told him very loudly and pointed angrily at #3. I again felt the feeling of embarrassment creep into my cheeks. I made him apologize , and looked to the father to do the same, but the weirdo wouldn't even look at me!What in tarnation is that about.  I felt bad for all of about 3 seconds because then I heard the kids that were with the kid (4 other children) argue with him as well. Then the mom came over to see the problem and the kid started ranting like a lunatic about how the other kids don't like him. OH MY GOODNESS! Kid get a grip! So I didn't feel as bad, #3 said he said it under his breathe -not to the kids face-- not any better - but C'mon, I tried to talk it out to the dad and he wanted nothing to do with me-- I'm over it!

#3 tried to fly like Super man

After a few times of up and down- it became uncomfortable physically for #3. All I thought of was - I wish I had a setup like this in my house. Imagine if every time he got sassy I could just put him in a swing thing like this and make him hang for a few minutes. That would be awesome! #2 loved it. She would have stayed on all day if she was allowed.

She ventured onto another thing similar to rock climbing. But then we left because #3 said his foot hurt. He cut it while in Edisto on something in the ocean. I thought it became hard like a callus on the bottom of his foot around the cut, but he showed it to me there and holy Toledo it has a huge boil  like blister on top of where the incision was made. So we left so he could get off it.
We did go to eat though before going back to the resort. He said it didn't hurt when he wasn't walking on it. So we went to an open mic for singers. It was so fun!

We were able to get the table right in front of the stage!
We made it back to the room, shut our door, and then the sky opened up with torrential downpour. Talk about lucky timing! About Luck-- #2 is like lady luck-- not only does she win everything-- she finds money everywhere we go. She's already up to $1.47 in what we call "Lucky Money"- money she found on the ground- heads up. It all goes into her Lucky Money Jar so when she's older she can take an international trip or do something amazing with all the years of lucky money she has saved up!
So it's finally bedtime. I'm surprised it hasn't arrived earlier due to the fact that at 3am # 3 woke up and was watching TV. I woke to him changing channels. He said he couldn't sleep- so I went back to bed because I could. I made them wake up around 8 am today, and it's 10pm and they are still awake.How do kids do it??I'm ready for sleep, but I have laundry to finish.Our dryer quit on me this morning- so maintenance came to fix it. I have to get it done because the next 6 nights are at a regular hotel where laundry washing isn't an option!

Space Camp Day Has Arrived!

What a long day! We awoke early to ensure proper departure time to get to space camp by check in. I let #1 choose where we ate, since we would need to eat lunch out due to our 2 hour drive --each way. So he chose Hardees--not my first choice but it wasn't terrible. I'll just wake up with swollen slitty eyes tomorrow since I opted for fries and a fried chicken sandwich. #3 decided to cry like a deprived child since I wouldn't let him get a milkshake. So I took him to the bathroom for a chat, and when he came out he amped up the tears and everyone in the place looked at us like I just beat him! When we got back to the table #1 inquired if I did? I responded of course not, and was instantly embarrassed and looked around the place to see all eyes on me. Freakin' kid-- even if I entertained the idea of a stupid shake after he ate his lunch he can forget it now-- plus that fast food garbage ate $31 from my wallet. If he behaves, I'll make him a shake in the room with the ice cream and milk we need to use before moving! Gosh!!!

We finally made it to Space Camp after a few wrong turns. #1 was a little embarrassed I was the only mom around with the camera constantly in his face, but he dealt with it!
We checked him in and settled his stuff into his bunk.

#2 & #3 on the ladder to a bunk --acting like monkeys!

How cool are these sleeping quarters!

After settling #1 into his bunk, we were able to walk around the museum before orientation. Thank goodness, I felt that these kids needed some brain stimulation after dulling their cells with the boob tube.

It took bribery to get #1 into this picture-- an extra buck for the vending machines during camp week! He can eat all the candy his $20 will allow him to! I figure out of sight -out of mind!! I'll just make him brush and floss a little extra upon his return to the family!! Plus at vending machine costs- he won't be able to score that much!

#1 & 2

#3 and 2

#2 and 3

#2 captured a hug gone into a head lock from #3
That kid's going to turn me gray-- oh wait he already is!!

#2 weighing herself in moon and mars weight

The time came to part ways with #1 and let him partake in sleep away camp activities. Orientation ended and I just couldn't leave yet-- so I let #2 and 3 walk around a little more. On our way back to leave the grounds we saw #1 and he was smiling and chatting with his peers (YAY!!!). So I was OK with finally leaving knowing he'll be alright.
 I just have to tell something that made me chuckle inside upon our drop off. We had to go to the nurse to drop off his meds. So we walked there and opened the door and the line was SO LONG! 

Anyway we left and made it back to the resort in time for the welcome party! It was more like a concert- we got to see a band play and various singers got up and sang. It was awesome. It was held at the Ernest Tubbs Record Shop Texas Troubadour Theatre. Very cool. Ernest Tubbs tour bus was there and we got to go inside.

Then we went in to hear the music and see who won the raffles. #2 was the first ticket winner announced. Since she's shy she sent #3 (who clearly isn't) to go fetch her prize.

She won a free appetizer at a restaurant we planned to go to anyway--Bonus!
But the night didn't end there-- why would it -- we're on vacation and bedtime is sometimes optional. So we went to the pool. I let them swim for awhile. There was a ton of kids so they got to play. #3 showed off for the older girls doing front flips and #2 just played so nicely. I met a few moms to chat with. One looked like me it was freaky and her daughter looked like #2. People asked if we were sisters. It was weird, but she was nice. Another of the ladies justt left the military-- very interesting. I love meeting strangers and hearing their stories! I think that's part of the reason I love to travel so much! Then we finally did showers and bed. Until tomorrow...