I feel we all can benefit from shared wisdom when it comes to traveling. I plan to pass along all the good tips I've received from others and the stuff that I've learned along the way too, to help make your planning and adventure hopefully go a little smoother!

Favorite Websites for Travel:
1.  (airfare) Ultimate favorite for airfare. Type in when and where you'd like to go and it shows you a price predictor ,telling you if you should book as soon as possible or wait it out. Plus it shows past fares.  (airfare) I have to state that I use this website as a tool. I do not book my travel with it due to their processing fee. I use it to see the flights because it will match different airlines for an itinerary according to the lowest priced flights. Then I go to the individual airlines website and book the same flight without a processing fee and use my rewards card to earn points.

3. (hotel room and rental car) I love this site. I find it's like playing a game on getting a stellar deal and awesome accommodations. Sometimes it doesn't always work in my favor, but it does more often than not. I had an issue one time with a room, but it was the hotel's problem, and hotwire fixed the situation and provided amazing customer service. You can book a room for same day travel up to 11:00 pm. I always use the "Hotwire Hot Rates" rooms. A list is shown with various star ratings and offered ammenities in a certain proximity to your desired location, without showing the hotel name. The name is disclosed after you purchase. The catch is the rates are ridiculously low in price. This is my favorite when on road trips because I don't know how far I'll drive, then I can pull over and book a room close to where I am.

4. I like to look up hotels I am contemplating staying in to see what others are saying. They provide reviews and good pictures. I then book through the hotel chain itself if it's not a hotwire booking.

1. The Next Exit Book is a must on any road trip. I would never leave home without it. It can be purchased online, at Barnes and Noble, or most book stores. It gives information on what is available at each exit on major interstates and highways, such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, stores, etc. It's even more valuable to me on than a GPS any driving trip!

2. Pack a Brita water filter and a resuable bottle. It saves money and you know the water is clean. If there is a lot of chlorine in the water, leave it out overnight before drinking, so the chlorine dissipates.

3. Pack a few snacks such as nuts or a granola bar with you when you're traveling, so if your transportation is delayed you can avoid becoming ravenous and cranky!