Sedona Here We Come!

On the road again....Off to Wyndham's Sedona Arizona Resort for two days of relaxing. First first get Grandma to the airport , then we're off....
 Temperature's rising on this stretch of highway...

 Through the dessert and over the hills to Sedona we go....

 Beautiful scenic drive the entire way! Now we're checked in and the room is beautiful too!

 Now to venture out....

Great day sight seeing, there's a ton to see. We closed the night with smore's and movies by the pool, courtesy of Wyndham. We enjoyed our stay here and weren't quite ready to leave, but the Grand Canyon was on our to do list and waiting to be fulfilled... so we're off again....

Aliso Beach - You're My Favorite!

Today's the day we are showing Grandma our most favorite beach as of yet in life- Aliso Beach. It's super stunning ocean view and clear blue waters make it hard to not rank #1 in our books! Hopefully Grandma will enjoy it as much as us. We brought a kite too...

 If we could just get it in the air...
 It's going ..up...up...up...
 #2, #3, Grandma, and #1
 #1 looking so handsome.

 All of us- I just love this place!
 Now, to figure out how to obtain a house like this. This one would do of course too--it's stunning!
Time to go and I'm met with looks of "not yet" by their little faces. Too bad though- it's dinner time! On to Downtown Disney and some delicious dinner.
 Looks like we have found the best place ever to partake in dinner!!
 Everyone is a happy camper at a Disney Buffet!
 The boys and I
All of us -- way too full -- and ready for bed.....right after the fireworks show!! Tomorrow marks leaving day...On the road again......

Disneyland- oh How We Love You!

Disneyland- oh how we love you! You're not too big, there's a ton to see and do, and the weather's nice!!

 Birthday Party at Disney! We got to decorate our own cakes--yum!
 The Birthday Girl Herself #2 enjoying the festivities!
 #3 Wishing he was the one getting the presents--boo hoo!
 Watch out Disney, coming through!
 Around and around we go, where we'll stop -no one knows!
 Grandma and #1
 Yay - all 3 kids are smiling. This ride was a fun one.
 #3 is a little confused by what Esmerelda told him his future holds.
Super fun day. Next day - Aliso Beach, we are sharing you with Grandma.

On to Hollywood

Hollywood----Here We Come!!!!
First stop- Pick up Grandma from the airport!
Second stop- Hollywood!!!

So we found the airport and Grandma easy as can be. The tough part was driving through Hollywood--it's so crowded, but we managed and even found our way to the parking garage near the Chinese Theater. We ventured around the boulevard , looking at the stars in the sidewalk

Saw the people in costumes milling around on the street, the Hollywood sign, and that was about it. There's not much to see in an unplanned outing with three kids and a grandma. No fancy Hollywood lattes or swanky bistros-- instead--an overcrowded Johnny Rockets, and a stress headache. that that's over and checked off our list's on to Disney Land!!!