Disney Boardwalk Villa's 3 BR Stay!

Today is not only moving day, but My Bestie's birthday too, and the Fourth of July! 
New room here we come! 

This is what a 3 Bedroom Villa looks like at Disney Boardwalk Resort.

It has a laundry room.
 Master Bedroom.
(I forgot to take a picture of the huge tub, and master bath-oops)

 Dining Room.
 1st Guest Bedroom.
 2nd Guest Bedroom.
 Guest Bedroom Bathrooms (each one had their own!)
 Kitchen / Dining Room View.
 1 of the 3 Decks.
 Living Room.
 Sitting Room with Living Room View.
So glad we moved rooms, this place is huge!!
Plus it has an awesome view for tonight's fireworks.

Disney Boardwalk Villa's Homemade Ice Cream Recipe For Kids

We have much enjoyed our stay at the Disney Boardwalk Resort in our 2 Bedroom Lockoff, but today is moving day. We're moving into a Deluxe 3 bedroom villa and I am so excited. I don't enjoy packing up and moving, but I think the work is going to be worth it.

Before packing, we headed down to the activities center to make your own ice cream. We assumed it was similar to Wyndham's Bonnet Creek's $2 ice cream floats or sundaes at 3:00 everyday, where you pay and tell them what you want. So we ordered two ice creams and they handed us two bags of sugar to take to the sundae table. I figured that's how they knew if you were to get vanilla or chocolate. To my surprise, the kids handed over their bags of sugar, and the girl opened the bag and pumped vanilla extract into it. They were actually making their own homemade ice cream from a recipe. 
It was so cool, they gave me the recipe to post.
Here they added 1/2 and 1/2.
 Then kneaded the bags to mix the ingredients.
 Then they shook the mixed bag inside of a bag filled with ice and salt.
 And presto, out came ice cream. They had a selection of toppings to add when it was compete.
Here's the Complete Homemade Ice Cream  Recipe:
1 pint size ziploc bag (to combine the following ingredients  in)
1 cup half and half
1/4 cup sugar
4 tablespoons of vanilla
For chocolate, add 1 packet of hot cocoa mix in place of the vanilla
Close ziplock and make sure it is completely sealed
1 plastic shopping bag filled about 1/3 - 1/2 the way with ice
1 cup of salt- add to ice in plastic shopping bag (add more if needed)
Place ziploc bag with combined ingredients inside the plastic shopping bag with ice salt mix
and shake vigorously for 5-10 minutes until ice cream is firm.

So fun, easy, and tasty!

I Changed the Blog Name, Tell Me What You Think!!

I have changed the blog name from On My Way With Wyndham, to Travel With Katie. I hope you all like it, but I do welcome your opinions! I was seeking a web name that was easy to remember, giving the ability to identify with me, and my husband offered this as a suggestion. So work well done Husband!! 

I still stay primarily at Wyndham Timeshares, I just changed the name!!

Disney Boardwalk Villas 2 Bedroom Lockoff

Mom has arrived and while I was sad to leave Wyndham Bonnet Creek, it's off to the Disney Boardwalk Resort we went! My Mom's a Disney Vacation Club Member and we love staying here too. We came here at this time so we can celebrate the Fourth of July watching Disney's firework show. This resort offers an awesome view of the parks fireworks display. We're not going to the parks though --It's way too crowded!

This is our first room at the Disney Boardwalk Resort. I say first room , because in 3 days we move again! It's a 2 bedroom lock off. That's when there is a door connecting two 1 bedroom units. One of the bedrooms is what they call a "deluxe" offering a true bedroom with a full size kitchen and living room. The other 1 bedroom is a "suite" which is more like a hotel room with a small kitchenette and tiny living room. Sometimes it has a true bedroom and sometimes it just has a bed combined in the space.

This is the larger unit's living room
 Another view of the space
 The larger unit's kitchen
 The larger unit's bedroom
 The larger unit's bathroom
 The larger unit's other part of the bathroom

 Now here's the "Suite's" bedroom and living room.
There's a small table with 2 chairs on the wall that can't be seen.
It reminds me of Minnie Mouse's house! Or a child's doll house.
 The suite's kitchenette
 There's a bathroom, but it looks like a smaller version of the other rooms, without the huge tub.
I thought this was cute....
And this. Look closely and it looks like an elephant!

So our room at the Disney Boardwalk Resort is comfy, now it's off to the pool.
 I apparently did not take any pictures of the pool. I don't know how that happened!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort Rest of Stay

Feeling completely refreshed from an awesome nights sleep in a super comfortable bed, we started with a Pirate Treasure Hunt. Here's the kids ready to go.
 This is when they found the treasure!! They each got a foam pirate hat craft, 
2 arcade tokens, and a pool squirter toy.
 Then we moved on to pool games at the one pool. So fun! 
Then onto the water slide at one of the other pools!
 Another pretty sunset.
 After dinner at the resorts hotel restaurant, that was amazingly delicious, we took the kids down to the black light dance party. They had so much fun. Here's my #3 and my nephew (my brother's #3).
 Here they are again dancing along in the conga line!
Now limbo!

Now bed for everyone!! 
It's been a good couple of days here at Bonnet Creek, one of our favorite resorts. 
But tomorrow we move again....

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort- Arrival Day

How excited am I to be here, one of my favorite Wyndham Resorts? A ton!!! Not only do I love how close to Disney it's located, but it has so many things to do for the entire family! When we stay here, we don't go to any theme parks. We hang out and participate in all the activities they put on. There are five pools and two lazy rivers on the grounds. Plus miniature golf, a ton of restaurants and bars, two fire pits, and game rooms. The pools have cabanas and they provide the towels. Junk food bingo is super fun, and everyday at 3:00 they offer $2 ice cream sundaes and floats.  Everyone is happy here!

We are able to stay at such luxurious places due to being a Wyndham Timeshare owner. It's an affordable vacation option because you own it for life, can will it, and stay at any of their worldwide locations from a single night stay to one as long as your points allow! There's people who use their points to live on the grounds, instead of paying a mortgage on a house, they just buy timeshare points!!

Take a look for yourself...

Master Bedroom
 Master Bath
 Kitchen and my silly nephew
 Dining Room
 Living Room
 Guest Bedroom #1
 Guest Bedroom #2
 Guest Bathroom
Here's a view of towers 1-3
 Tower 4 (this is the resort check in)
 This is the pool at tower 6
 This is the hotel pool. I forgot to take a picture of the hotel!
 Tower 6

 Sunset view from the balcony
 Night view of the pool from the balcony
Now tomorrow, we're starting the day with a pirate treasure hunt (put on by the activities staff), 
followed by pool games!

Stopover at Baymont Inn and Suites in Florence, SC

After a long afternoon of museum hopping, we drove a bit more of the required miles to get to Florida. Stopping in South Carolina, we settled in for the night at Baymont Inn and Suites in Florence, SC. 
(1826 West Lucas Street  , Florence, SC  29501)
The room was cozy, but as a bonus, it was adjacent to the pool!! The pool I should have taken a picture of, but forgot to, had pretty pots of flowers all around it. It was an outside pool, big enough for the kids to jump in repeatedly to tire themselves out. 
Since it was so nice out by the pool, we ordered pizza to be delivered so the kids could keep swimming instead of sitting in a restaurant. Then we called it a night so we could hit the road early. 

Breakfast had more to offer than the usual standard. They had a freezer with frozen omelets, french toast, pancakes, chicken biscuit sandwiches, and sausage sandwiches. That's in addition to the variety of cereal, breads, bagels, muffins, danish, boiled eggs, oranges, and apples. I was pleasantly surprised! 

Now on to the next place.....