Second to traveling, comes music in my mind. 
I love it, love it, love it, and not much makes me as happy as hearing it live.
 When I hear something good, I want to share it with the world!
I had the pleasure of seeing these artists, and I hope you give them a listen and become a fan too.

Warning: This page loads slow, but the music you hear may become addictive!!

If you're a singer, or in a band, and want to see your self listed here,
invite me to a show, and get me a good spot to take some video!!! Make it happen!!

Lauren Elise This girl is amazingly talented!!
She supports various causes too, making me want to support her even more. Keep an eye out for her upcoming shows because you're going to want to catch one before she makes it big time!

Katlyn Lowe So sweet she was.
 She even posed for a picture with my mom and all of us during CMA Music Fest. 
Casey James  He's just so fun! Glad I had the opportunity to see him. He's pretty well known, so you might have heard some of his songs before, but he's new to me!
Johnny T This band rocked hardcore! I couldn't stop dancing the entire time they were on stage. My video isn't the best, I'm upstairs trying to stay still, but it's still pretty awesome. The whole band is super talented and very entertaining to watch. I can't wait to go back and see them again. I definitely recommend  visiting their sites and finding a show near you.
Payton Taylor I saw her in Nashville at Just Kickin' during CMA Fest and she is super talented.  I think she rocks even more because she supports the Wounded Warrior Project (very awesome). This video I found on youtube because I didn't get one the night I saw her perform. Guess I need to find a show, so I can get one!!
The Allmighty Terribles  Love these guys, and love to jam out to their music! 
They're a good combo of fun and funky with strong opinions.