#2's Birthday!

It's #2's birthday and we started it off with her opening her presents and then going to the local farmer's market-- which was the best I have ever been to! Plus it was a bonus the town had a business fair going on so there were a ton of booths giving away stuff. The kids thought it was like Halloween where they could go to each one and hold open a bag! So not only did we get the yummiest fruits and veggies , but lots of gluten free goodies too, along with all the freebies, and fresh flowers for the room . What a wonderful way to start the day!

Then we hung out on the beach for the entire rest of the afternoon.

Finally leaving when we were starving, so we could go to the night time Farmers Market that was more like a festival with tons of hot food booths set up along with live music all over. We made sure to bring a few homeless care packages to distribute too. We ate so much fried goodness-- I feel gross! Now to pack because tomorrow we leave. I really enjoyed our time here. The beach was so relaxing!

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