I LOVE THIS PLACE.... I don't want to return

We Finally Made It To California!!!
I love San Diego. It's so beautiful and there is so much to do! Too many museums to see them all! We had such a wonderful day. The kids didn't fight or whine, they were so calm-- maybe it's all the water around! Everyone here is so friendly too!! There is plenty of food choices that are affordable as well- we all had lunch, the four of us, complete with leftovers, for only $20!! And it wasn't fried disgustingness either!

Fleet Science Center
We spent the day at an area called Balboa Park, visiting the Fleet Science Center,

Enjoying the scenery

Look how beautiful the streets are!!

Getting balloon creations made from a talented local.

Posing for pictures! Everyone we meet assumes #1 is an adult due to his size,
I have to inform them he's only a teenager!!

This was a cluster of artists galleries. Beautiful pieces of creativity everywhere!

One of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen. I wanted to g hug it, but there was a fence around it. Bummer!

They were weighing themselves in comparison to a polar bears weight

#2 and #3 dressed as penguins sliding down a slide
 After exploring Balboa Park area, we ventured over to Coronado Island. Stunning!

This is the harbor

I can't believe we actually made it here!!! I love it and I think I'm going to have trouble returning home!

How cool is this chair art in the park!

Another view of the harbor

 Dinner out at a Mexican restaurant

We winded down the night with making up some homeless care package bags and handed them out. I have never seen so many homeless any where in my travels as bad as I have seen it here. While driving I made a wrong turn, and for the first time felt slightly nervous due to the large homeless population. There was at least a hundred in plain view with tarps tied to the bridge and their shopping carts and they were sleeping under. They were laying along the side walks and under the trees, and in doorways. There was a cop driving around a souped up golf cart checking the porta potty's for squatters. The kids were shocked and wanted to help all of them. I felt overwhelmed -- thinking -- where do we even start??!! But I kept driving because the streets where we wrong turned were vacant except the homeless. The businesses on the streets had bars on the windows and doors. It was an insane sight and at the same time-- it saddened me. So after dinner we decided to help the few that were on the main street. We talked to the lady at the front desk and she gave us bottled water to put in our bags. That made me and the kids so happy. 
We're unsure of what tomorrow brings-- there is so much to choose from!

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