Another night at the park

Tonight we went to feed the ducks across the way at another section of the park. They were playing a movie outside at the art museum, so neat. We had the opportunity to meet a homeless couple. #3 ran out of bread for the ducks and they were walking by and offered him some. So nice! So I didn't know they were homeless, they looked just as everyone else, so we started chatting. They were really amazing with their travels and stories.

Then we saw our first ever river rat! Ahhh... it was kind of freaky looking!

A couple came to the river with a metal chicken lawn ornament, and asked to borrow some bread to entice the real ducks around the metal one. Then they asked #3 to pretend to feed it while they took a picture. They stole their friends lawn ornament and were doing a photo tour of Huntsville with it. It was really funny!

We also visited #3's Three Red heads
And tried to catch the ducks
 And feed them without getting bit....again!
Then called it a night. This park is proving to be a huge source of entertainment on our visit to this town!

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