San Diego Day

Today we spent the day at a state park by the water. It was astonishing. There was grass to run and play on, plus numerous playgrounds with big beautiful trees everywhere, sandy beach areas, a walking path that lead to eateries and a pier. We saw filming of some sort going on. Very cool. The weather is delightful.. only about 80 with a breeze. It's truly warm and sunny! I had trouble getting the kids to leave. They finally agreed due to being hungry. I loved this tree, so...

I made the kids hug it and recharge their aura's!

 We set off to find a recommended Italian bistro in Little Italy.
 Which was easy to find, super tasty, except the pizza is completely different than east coast style, it's fat and doughy, but it was very good- and filling. It was easy on my wallet as well, with large servings!
After eating we walked around a little, I was reflecting upon how much I enjoy this city, could I really make the move, and I look up to cross the street and this is the name of the street we were crossing.

 Do I take it as a sign? Not at face value, but a sign from something more....
After our stroll, we were walking back to the car, and saw a barber.. So we got #1's mane buzzed off. The barber was a female, and she was SO rude. A man came in after she started cutting his hair, and she spoke to him in Spanish the whole time, as if we were not there. When she finished his hair she continued her conversation paying us no mind. I handed her $12 bucks and walked out with the kids telling them loudly that they should never behave that way, it's very improper business behavior. Hopefully I gave her enough! His hair does look super nice though. All the crazy color is gone.. I got my good looking kid back! Yay!

While driving back to the room , we passed the harbor, seeing all the big ships. Tons of people ride around those 4 seat bicycles offering rides. We saw a guy dressed like a pirate and #2 tried to get a picture of him so she could show her Uncle, his wedding was a pirate theme. We laughed that he could use his costume for a career change, but the picture didn't come out ot show him. Bummer!
 Here's pictures of our room. I love this hotel. They only have studios, but we didn't spend much time in our room. The staff is the friendliest we have ever encountered in all our Wyndham travels.

After relaxing a little bit, we made up more homeless bags and went and distributed them. I'm overwhelmed at how many there are here. I feel as if I need to come back and get more involved in helping them. The kids feel the same!

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