Leaving San Diego

This morning, after getting ready, I went down again, like each morning, to get coffee from the lobby, but I also gave the guy at the desk my mail to send, and he asked if I worked there. I laughed and replied No .. Why? He responded " You look like you would, your dressed up, you gave me your mail, and you get your coffee each morning in a real mug".  So I walked away smiling, thinking -- I guess if I look like I fit, they might hire me.. maybe staying is possible! I do know a ton about the timeshare and how it works! Hmmmm....

O.K. It's time to checkout. Bye friends, I liked this place. They even open the door for you and close it when you get into your car! I could get used to that! But it's time to go. We planned to explore Coronado Beach today before moving to our next location.

Coronado Beach is stunning. I love driving the long bridge to get over to the island. The island gas prices are not stunning though. They're $4.20 a gallon. Thank goodness I filled up yesterday at only $3.75!! On the beach we kept seeing dogs, thinking that a lot of people have them. Then when we walked back to the car, we saw the "dog beach" sign. Duhh... we went to the wrong section of the beach, but it was all good,! Not many people wanted the kids to come near their pooches-- so I told the kids they were snoots and to remember that for their future behavior. We found a pretty park too, right next to the Navy base, so they got to see tons of soldiers going in and out. After a while it was time to depart... I'm excited! Here we come Oceanside! We are ready for the beach!

 Coronado Beach
 Coronado Hotel in the distance

Pretty view on the dog beach

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  1. I just caught up on some of your blog here, it's absolutely amazing that you travel with your kids the whole summer; what an awesome experience! We have been doing short day trips to the local museums and must-sees with our little ones all summer, but I would love to try this when mine are older. Thanks for sharing!