NEW ORLEANS Insectarium

Ne w Orleans is one of Husband and I's favorite places to go.We we're so excited to share it with out children and my mother,but they didn't have the same reaction to the place as we did. Maybe because it rained--liked torrential downpour!! The first day was stressful because the unit did not have a stove or oven, it had a microwave. We had to eat out. The next day we were adjusted to the lack of a stove and decided on doing museums. The rain held out for our walk to the Insectarium, and my Aunt gave us free passes, so it was a bonus!!

#1 scared Grandma by luring her over to a spot in a cave that a huge spider jumped out every few minutes. He thought it was hysterical when she jumped like six feet in the air. I yelled at him, that he's not allowed to give Grandma any heart attacks during this visit or she won't be able to meet up with us again!

So he stopped trying to scare her!

Husband shoved #3 up into a hole in the ceiling of the cave,

Then thought he could just leave him! I made him take him down of course!
Husband and #1 walking through the cave

#3 was like a butterfly magnet in the butterfly exhibit

And another one!

And one more... there was a ton more too!

#1 and Grandma-- what a nice pic!

#2 and I 

The whole family- this one might go on our wall at home

Grandma and the kids... Another wall portrait!

#2 has landed a butterfly!
 Me and my mom

Husband with 2 and 3.

What a fun time at the museum. When we left, we went to the riverside mall for lunch, and just in time. As soon as we got inside, the sky opened up with some serious rain. So we made the best of it, and wandered around.

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