#1's Space Camp Graduation

Space camp graduation day is here! The week passed so quickly , but I was glad to pick up #1 and hear about his adventure. The morning ceremony started with an astronaut speaking and accepting the flag from the space ship that just landed. Which #1 was able to view. The camp woke the kids up to watch on a big screen the event. The news channels were there-- #1 was on the news-- in his PJ's because it was 4:30 in the AM.
#3 and I were at the hotel happy hour and while piling too many nachos on my plate, #3 yelled "Mom-- #1's on TV"!! I thought he was joking with me, until he described in detail what he saw, then later was confirmed by #1. How cool!!!Any way, then the ceremony proceeded with all the awards for the kids and their certificates.

#3 accepting his certificate.

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