Husband Has Arrived

Yay!! Today Husband has arrived for a visit! #2 is still attending sewing camp, so that leaves #1 and #3 for yet another visit to the art museum.

My boys are actually getting along!

 #3 found his Three Redheads.
Then decided he wanted to take one home!
 Then Husband got in on the chase....
And #1 !!!
What in tarnation are they thinking?? We are not taking home any ducks! Order needs to be restored!

Finally peace for the Redheads as I held my boys back! 

Then we went to pick up #2. On our way we ran into our homeless friends. We asked where they were going to be so we could bring them some stuff.
I need to say that earlier this morning we drove around for 2 hours trying to find their campsite to bring them some supplies. We finally found what we thought was there spot and left a bag along with a thank you for sharing with us the other night. Well upon  bumping into them , we learned that it wasn't their site-- So I arranged a spot to meet them. We went and put together a few more bags and dropped them off! It made my kids realize somewhat how fortunate they are. I know they're young, but I hope they get it!

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