On to Oceanside

So we have left San Diego after having much fun, and made our way to stay at the beach in Oceanside. I love it here too!!! It's like a self contained area. I can park my car and not have to leave for anything that's not in walking distance! The room is amazing! We can see the beach from every room.....
 The master bedroom....
 The living room..... It even had a porch to see the ocean
 The other bedroom....
Even the kitchen looked out at the ocean. I Love it!!

It's so relaxing seeing and hearing the ocean from each room. As soon as we put our stuff somewhat away we went to the ocean, which is just across the street.... So convenient!
 #2 enjoying the water
 1 & 3 ... thanks children for bringing me a sea gift! Eww it was slimy and gross and they left it by my feet!
 1 & 3 just splashing around.

The Pacific is a bit colder than the Gulf of Mexico, and the kids had a hard time getting used to that, but the weather was so beautiful, warm with a breeze.. Amazing!

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