Las Vegas - here we come

We have ventured into Las Vegas! Leaving the beautiful breeze and warm sand in Oceanside was hard to do, but I have a feeling we'll be back! I really felt for that little beach town! The traffic getting into Nevada was the worst of our summer, with that stretch of our trip being the worst part -- by far-- of our entire driving excursion. There was so many accidents with lanes shut everywhere, and for some reason, other drivers felt that blinkers aren't required -- maybe they're not-- what a pain! I caved and we ate fast food, complete with garbage carbonated beverages. I feel gross, what was I thinking! Oh yeah, that I wasn't making time for real food because this drive was already taking more time than it should. 6 1/2 hrs for a 4 1/2 drive!?!
With that said, I'm glad that driving portion is now in the past. We have checked into our spacious 2 bedroom accommodations and settled in for the night.

The kids swam a little-- the pool is pretty sweet- plus they have life guards- so I was able to read a book!!
The new day greeted us bright and shiny. We started early , there's so much I wanted to show the kids, and #3 requested we go to Pawn Stars. So we did. The guy working there remembered me from the last time I went in , (which was January on my family's girls trip!) and made #3's visit awesome. He talked about the old swords and guns with him, #3 was loving it!

After that we went to eat at the best breakfast restaurant ever-- Hash House A GoGo. I know the name sounds peculiar, but it's a restaurant based on "from farm to food". The portions are huge, the food is out of this world, and the fact that #1 saw it on a show - so he was on board for going- made it so much better. We had so much on one dish we all brought back leftovers and have breakfast for tomorrow! Yum!

Then I promised them that I would take them to the pinball hall of fame. The last time Husband and I were there we had such a blast. So we went and it was just as much fun. We enjoyed playing pinball games from the 1940's until current time. It consumed over 2 hours of our time and we only spent about $12!! #2 and #3 even used some  of that to buy fake mustaches for 25cents each. #3 wore one all day, all over Vegas, with a fedora on. He received so many compliments!

Then we went to the M&M store to look around. I let each kid create a small mixture of M&M's. #2's came to $1.17, #3's totaled $1.57. They both listened , it was just to get a few different colors. What does #1 do? Fill his bath with almost $8 worth of candy. I wanted to make him put it back , but once the mix is created , it's yours. Leave it to #1 to try and take a mile, in public so I wouldn't react, when I've given him an inch! I don't normally let them get junk like that! So I made him regret it-- he had to share!!! We stumbled upon "Red" and the kids got their picture taken- perfect timing!

When leaving that store, the kids saw that Coke had a store too and wanted to peruse it. So I entertained them and let them. It was after dinner so we went to a value market and picked up some stuff to make dinner.
Then all of us changed into swimsuits , gathered the pool toys, and made our way to the pool, to find it was closed. Not going outside, just observing the Closed sign from inside, we go to the desk to ask why. They call around and after about 10 minutes, we're told, there was lightning. It will reopen in about 1/2 hour. So we have to push the limit and ask if we can at least go play the out side chess game that's by the pool. Again conversations are held as  to whether we can. It comes back it's a go- so we head out. We are greeted by large raindrops falling from the sky. Why is it raining in the desert!!!! So now we are stuck inside- guess it's going to be an early bedtime!!!

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