Nashville Day 5- Last Day

After turning in pretty late last night, then waking up super early to send off Mom, Sammy, and Lisa to the airport at 6:15 a.m., we were pretty beat. Four hours of sleep feels more like a nap, not a true rest! After we cleaned out mom's unit that had all the food in it and brought it into ours, we were not only tired, but hungry too! We made breakfast for the remaining beings, and then wished a good trip to all the Aunt's and Uncle, leaving it just my Sister, Bestie, and Me.

Dilemma, go back to bed and be lazy or go downtown?
Downtown it is. Just in time to browse past JT Hedges signing autographs,
 close enough to get a good picture!
Posed for a photo at the booth where JT Hodges was signing autographs.
Then we walked over to the Ernest Tubb Record Store, where we met Darren Warren. Amazing story he has, overcoming a rare form of cancer at a young age, spending years in St. Judes. He was super friendly, so we bought his Cd, and he autographed it for us.
 Upon leaving the music store, we walked by Josh Thompson.
Then we went down by the river to hear the band we thought the guy we met last night was in, but we couldn't find him in any, so we don't know who he is! Anyway, we got comfy and hung out for a while.  Darryl Worley was playing, then we were able to stand right in front of the stage to see Brett Eldredge. 

Here's a clip....

Getting ready to leave, we walked up to the Hard Rock just in time to hear the
 15 year old singer we really liked from the other night, Lauren Elise.
It started to rain heavily though--boo! I did talk to her manager, hopefully we can set some kind of fundraising concert up for All For Helping. That would be phenomenal!!

I borrowed this photo from Raycon Entertainment's FB page.
It's much clearer than the one I originally posted. Hope they don't mind!
5:00 has come and all the festivities are packing up for the night, leaving us reminded that we are tired and hungry, so we opted for our room to start packing up. As well as eat the contents of the fridge so we don't have to waste food, or transport it home! Oh yum!! (really ugh! what a belly ache)
Nashville has been a spectacular time. I look forward to my next visit here!

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