Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco

This trip happened in May and was absolutely amazing! Women On Their Way hosted an educational seminar over Mother's Day weekend at the Parc 55 in San Francisco, for the vacation blog contest winners and bloggers in the area. They did such a fantastic job, I way more than enjoyed myself!

The Parc 55 was beautiful and every staff member was friendly. The rooms were comfortable and very spacious. Upon entering the room I was greeted by the smell of a fresh rose!

 The beds were so comfortable.
 The view from my hotel room window.
 After stowing my bag, we set out to explore the Fisherman's Wharf. It was not what I expected, but it was still fun. I expected old town charm with boutique style stores and much history. Instead it has turned into a very commercialized area, with chain restaurants. It still had an inviting ambiance though, and all the restaurants had happy hour specials! So we ate 3 times!!!
First time was at Bubba Gump (Pier 39 at Beach Street). We started with a cold beer, something locally brewed, and french fries. Service was quick, the staff was friendly, and our food was delicious. The atmosphere was that of a typical chain restaurant/ bar. I'm a french fry lover, so I feel the need to eat them everywhere. Bubba Gump's fries were amazing Not too fat or too thin with just the right crisp and amount of salt- oh yum! Then we decided to walk around a bit. 
From the back of the restaurant you had a beautiful view of Alcatraz. We didn't know that there was a back bar with the view, so if you go there, ask about it. It's much nicer and you can see the waterfront perfectly.

 We saw the seals sunning themselves. 
The next stop on our happy hour food frenzy was the Sea Lion Cafe (Pier 39).
When walking into it, I felt like I was walking into a time warp, straight back into the 1980's. The decor is outdated, but the food was very tasty. My friend Maureen and I shared the blackened fish taco's. It was a huge portion, it came with 3 tacos, so I'm glad we shared. The shredded cabbage that tops the tacos, was phenomenal.  This restaurant is attached to another more upscale eatery, owned by the same people, so you can order from either menu. Now to walk around a bit....

This is the biggest claw machine I've ever seen, so I felt the need to share. It's huge!! 
Those are adults standing next to it, just to show the true enormousness of it!
 Then as walking along the pier, we saw another place with the happy hour sign, so of course we went in. It was Miyabi Sushi, and their happy hour menu had so many good things to choose from, it was hard to make a decision. We decided on chicken pot stickers and a Japanese beer. They were so good, I wanted the plate to never end. I wished I was hungrier so I could have sampled more of their fare because every plate that walked by looked just kept looking tastier! Here I am, happily full, a little tired from the days travels and ready to call it a night. 
So back to the Parc 55 we go! 
When we arrived back at the room, a scrumptious little box greeted me on my pillow. 
Gourmet chocolates- oh yum!
Until tomorrow.....

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