Wyndham Nashville We are on Our Way!

Setting our sails...ok, really the acadia.... ready to go. My sister in law and my sister and I are driving, 3 are flying- meeting us tomorrow, plus one from Alabama, and one from Florida, all with the same end destination of Nashville Tennessee....Fanfare here we come!!!
While driving we spied this awesome sign on the back of a tractor trailer. 
Love it!!! We gave the driver a thumbs up upon passing.
 The drive was really only 12 and 1/2 hours, but at times it seemed like forever. Here passing through....
 Then into Virginia, but we missed the sign. How fun is this car?!! It was one of several passed that were obviously going somewhere fun. 
 Loved this sign in Virginia!
 Oh yeah... Nashville we're almost there!
Check out these sweet accommodations. This is one of the reasons why I love Wyndham. After a long day of  driving it felt good to relax and get comfy in spacious accomadations.  

 On to the next day. There's a Trader Joe's on the other side of town that we did the bulk of our shopping. Best stuff when away to indulge in, so I think! Next on the list booze. It is a girls trip with no husbands or children. Onto to Gracies! Not sure of what wine to indulge in, just ask. The staff at Gracies is awesome!! They can guide you to a new choice of wine or to a standard favorite, plus the place is just inviting, complete with chandeliers!

 Then a stop at Kroger's for all the stuff that Trader Joe's did not have and beer.
 How fun is this baked cake. It surely did evoke a chuckle in myself, so I had to share.
Now onto to the pool....

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