Nashville Day & Night 4 --With Video of Casey James at Margaritaville

Morning came oh so quickly. 
Back again we went to the Roof Top Bar to get a good view of the music. 
They had tables and folding chairs to make it comfy for viewers.

Starting the lineup for our viewing pleasure was Kip Moore.

Next --Lonestar.
Upon leaving the Roof Top, we walked past Kip Moore signing autographs. 
We didn't wait in the super long line, instead we walked around a little, then collectively
 decided to go back for some to nap, and others to hit the pool. 

After refreshing and recharging we returned to partake in the nightlife.
 My Aunts, Uncle, and Mama living it up- yehaw!!

Next stop Wild Horse Saloon for some line dancing fun.
(which none of us know how to do!!)

Here we go, take it away Aunt Nan and Aunt Lori- you go girls!
Fun Coordinator is tearing it up on the dance floor.

This guy started to play, so I figured I'd give it a go at dancing. 

It's much more confusing than I thought it would be so this is how I handled it.....

 My sister in law, Lisa, in the blue- totally caught on to the line dancing, 
and boot scootin boogied it across the dance floor like a pro!!!
Mom and the Fun Coordinator turned to her for some fancy foot work tips.
Here we tamed the "Wild Horse" for a photo. 
"This Guy" has a name- Clayton Anderson. He was good, check out his website at
Sammy wanted to take this one home with her,
 but she already has 2 that require a lot more work, and didn't want to make them jealous.
Just thought this was a funny one of my sister Donna.
Done with line dancing, back to Just Kicken to see Katlyn Lowe sing again.
We got there just in time to pass her in the doorway. We missed it, but she did take a picture with all of us. 
She's the tall blond haired one in the middle of the top row.
On to Margaritaville, to go see Casey James.
When we arrived a group was leaving and gave us their table- sweet! 
The last one to leave told us he was in a band that is going to play tomorrow by the river.
So we asked for a picture- surprise! The thing is, none of us could remember what band? So if any of you know who this is, please share your knowledge with me.
Casey James put on a rockin' show. We were so close to the stage.
Here's a clip of what we saw.
After the show, we had one last challenge to complete.....
Not sure if we can rise to it or not. On the way we saw our friends again, so we made a quick stop.
Now for the "challenge". We were dared to dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly. 
I have a hard time turning down a challenge, so I talked my Bestie into doing it too!
 We did it!!
Now it's time to leave, it smells like vomit in this place! 
Goodnight Nashville, thanks for treating us to so much fun!!

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