Parc 55 Trip Day 2 and 3

Feeling refreshed after a great nights sleep, we woke, had breakfast in the club lounge, and set out to see some sights. We walked from the Parc 55 to the Ferry Building Marketplace and just browsed around.
After so much walking I was extremely hungry and wanted to eat Thai. We around for recommendations and learned of a place called Osha ( 696 Geary Street). I got a pumpkin curry with pad thai, and it was out of this world! I wanted to keep eating. The place is a very modern, quick paced place, with employees that wanted you to know what you want, so we took our food to go and ate in the park. Plus we were in workout clothes from our walk and it seemed odd to be in a restaurant in them. It was beautiful weather so the park was perfect!

 When we got back to the room, this was delivered.
 The contents were even wrapped so pretty!
 It got better upon opening- snacks and a digital picture frame from Women on Their Way!!
 Then we cleaned up and went to Union Square for salsa dancing lessons in the park with live music. It was so much fun.
 We were told to go to the "Mission" for fun dancing. So when salsa in the park wrapped up , we set out on the bus to find the "Mission". Which in actuality became a real life mission due to us missing the stop and riding the bus to the end of the line, then having to get off and find another bus. 

We got off again on the wrong street and walked the remainder of the way. Not finding a dance place, but a bar called the Phoenix Irish Bar (811 Valencia Street), we went in to have a drink. Looking at the menu, I was tempted to order french fries until I saw their version of nachos. I salivated reading the description, so I gave it a go. Oh my goodness, AMAZING!!! A ginormous pile of fried wedge potatoes covered in cheese, black beans, sour cream, guacamole, and fresh salsa. Delectable!!! 
We decided to call it an early night and head back so I fresh and bright eyed for my Women On Their Way seminar. I thought this was such a fun sign, I had to share. It was on the wall of a building.

More stuff when we got back. I could get used to this !
 I'm looking forward to tomorrow....

The seminar turned out to be awesome! I met some of the other contest winners along with bloggers for Wyndham. It was a wonderful experience. After a day packed full of helpful tips and advice, it was time for the cocktail party! Here's my friend Maureen and I posing with Shutterfly's props.
 Here I am with some of other contest winners.
What a great night! After the party Maureen and I decided to venture out in the area and continue having fun. We went to a bar called Johnny Foley's (243 O'Farrel Street). It was so fun. What was even more fun was their dueling piano bar downstairs. Holy toledo- good times!

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