Nashville Rocks Day 2 With Lunch at Demo's

We ventured into the heart of "Fan Fare" for some fun and music, and possible cowboy boots! 

Mom was able to see  Elvis's star.

Sammy was so excited to see the horses. The one she really liked ironically had the same name as her!

The Marines had a chin up contest to win shirts and hats and stickers. I did not partake.

So fun.

Another picture of all of us.

Here we listened to the band "The Springs" 

Best place to buy cowboy boots. In here Josh Tucker smiled at me as he walked by! I didn't know who he was until my niece said as it happened, do you know who that was? 
He was just signing autographs in the back of the store.

 We listened to some blue grass. 

Demo's Restaurant has the best rolls ever. They make all of the items on the menu fresh daily. The prices are so inexpensive with most of the menu under $10, and the food was awesome!

Now we're heading back to the room for naps to gear up for more fun tonight.

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