Ventura California You're One of My Most Favorite Places

I was able to book Ventura, Ca for a whole week on discount points- amazing- so I grabbed it and decided upon a solo vacation. My flight was awesome, I got in at night, picked up the car, and hit the highway to go find the resort. I found it without any issues- until I got there. I forgot to call ahead to say I'd be late checking in, and the office closes at 5. My phone only works when it wants to, and now was a time it chose to not. So I paced a little bit, then came upon a solution. I drove to the hotel down the street (which was like walking straight into an 80's time warp) and told them of my dilemma. They let me use the phone to call the after hours check in line, and the issue was solved. Perfect! Now to go check out my room.

The resort is small and quaint. It sets right along the water, 
and I was lucky enough to get a room with a water view- oh yeah!!

These are pictures of the studio side of the room. It's so cozy, I want to call home and the family to pack our things and meet me out here. I want to call this place home!!

 This is a view of basically the whole studio minus the bathroom.

This is the one bedroom side that is attached to the studio. I was glad to have it, because I couldn't reach the internet signal from the studio side for some reason, but it came in nice and clear from this room.

After getting settled in for the night. I awoke ready to explore.
 Here's some pictures I took from the Pacific Coast Highway.

I ended the drive in Malibu, then turned around to go grab some dinner from the convenient grocery store right down the street from the resort. 

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