Nashville Day & Night 3 With Video of Lauren Elise

Starting the night at the Roof Top Bar that overlooks the river- lemon drop anyone?!

View from the Roof Top Bar. The staff here was so nice.
 They told us to come back tomorrow in the a.m. to watch the river front concerts. 

Upon leaving the rooftop we stumbled upon another bar in the building. 
It had the coolest bathroom in all of Nashville. 

The bar's name is:

I thought it a weird name at first, until I said it out loud, then I laughed- and thought good play on words!

Then we went down another floor to a bar we went to the night before called  Just Kickin.
 SO FUN!! We heard so many bands and singers that were amazing. 

This is Katlyn Lowe posing for a shot with me after her performance. 
You can check her out online at :

Kimberly Wolf  played too, then also posed for picture with my sister and I. 
You can hear at

Lauren Elise is only 15 and absolutely amazingly talented! 
Here's she posed with my Bestie and My niece Sammy.
You can check her out at

See her talent for yourself!
We had such a good time at Just Kickin. The staff here was very friendly and fun. 
Nashville is filled with nice people! 
Sure do love my Mama!!
Here's my Bestie and my niece Sammy taking a break from dancing to the bands.
Girls- say "Cheese"!!
Here's such a great shot of my Aunt Nan, My Aunt Gen- aka "the Fun Coordinator",
 and my Mama jamming out. Good Times!
Now it's time to find another place to have fun.... Onto the club next door. 
Club Liquid
The patio was inviting, as well as the free drinks we were given!
Some liked the drink, others not so much!
Clearly it was time to find a new location.....
Such as our hotel room! 
On our way to the car we saw fireworks.
Stellar way to end the night's festivities! 

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