Nashville Rocks Night 2 -We Saw Kellie Pickler!

Refreshed and ready for some good music. Plan is to go to Margaritaville to see Kellie Pickler perform. 

I had to take a picture of the Lucky Cat so I could take some of the luck with me for the night. 

 Thought for sure I was seeing double, but I haven't even had a drink yet?!

 I wasn't, there really was two. 

 We all bought the boots from French's.
 The camera was set on the wrong mode so the picture is fuzzy,
 but the boots are the important part of it anyway! 

Listening to the music, having a good time at Margaritaville.
We sat next to the band before they started without realizing who they were until we saw them on the stage. They were so nice. Everyone in Nashville seems to be nice!
And I loved the one member's wife's red high heels- beautiful!!

 Good Times!

We were so close to the stage. Kellie Pickler put on an amazing show.

Listen for yourself....
My niece Sam, me, and my Bestie. 
My sister got the guitar player from Kellie Pickler's band to pose for a photo.  
Then of course I needed one too!
End of the night came so quick. Time to hit the hay (the beds are so comfy) to recharge for tomorrow.

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