New Year's Eve in the Pocono Mountains

After getting lost for what seemed like forever in the dark of woods of the Pocono Mountains, I finally found Wyndham. Thank Goodness!!  I think my brother, who gave me directions, took humor in telling me to go right, when it should have been left- ugh- brotherly love!!

When we arrived, everyone else partaking in this vacation is already settled in their rooms. This time, there's so many of us, we needed six! After a quick snack, we headed down to the activity center for the party the resort puts on to celebrate New Year's Eve. 

It turned out to be so much fun. They had a velcro wall- great idea- I might need one for my house. The kids put on a velcro suit and jumped against the wall and stuck! Face painting, snacks, party hats and blowers, music- good times!!

Kids fun is done, now back to the main party room to watch the ball drop with the rest of the family. 

Next day breakfast feast- and birthday feast for me- are planned in another room. Here's some pictures.
 My parents
 Kids enjoying cocoa while waiting for pancakes to cook. 
Uncle Tom, Peyton, and Aunt Gen enjoying some quiet time on the landing.
 Uncle Jerry and Aunt Peggy are ready for breakfast!

Breakfast is done. Time to hit the pool. Which we forgot the camera so there's no pictures to share- sorry. It's a really nice pool and rec center. The resort has a craft room, a cafe, an arcade, a gym to play basketball, and  of course the pool and hot tub.

After trying to tire the children out, we headed back to play some board games and partake in lunch. Again we used a different room. Each family had a meal to provide, so we shuffled from room to room. I forgot half the stuff I was supposed to bring, so I was thankful we had keys to the other rooms so we could see what was in their fridge that we could make for lunch. Thanks for picking up my slack everyone!! Most of the adults were out doing something, so it was me and a bunch of kids that enjoyed the relaxing afternoon. It turned out to be beautiful weather wise, not to cold, and no snow. Big boys played lacrosse on the grounds, some of the others went for a hike along one of the trails. The rest of us, played board games.
 Aunt Lisa and Autumn waiting for the contents of the oven to finally be done!
 Mary, Mia, Jack, Maureen, and Aunt Nancy, taking a break between games and lunch.
 Aunt Nancy and Peyton.
 After games, the kids wanted to try out the tub. We dubbed it "the lobster pot"! 
We had them out on swim suits and in this picture they are roll playing that they are the lobsters!
 Aimee and Olive

Now time for my birthday presents- oh wait- I mean dinner with everyone. Aunt Gen made hoppin'jack, and everyone else cooked something- I don't remember because I called not it for dinner! I'm in the orange sporting my birthday presents, thanks everyone for all the goodies!
 #3 wearing the big boys snowboarding stuff and playing with their lacrosse stuff.
 Any minute he should be getting tackled by the belongings owners for reclaiming!!
 Hello- hello - anyone their??
 Not sure where the phone and the stick come in, but I think it's a funny picture!

 #3 and my nephew Mitch, again with the big boys stuff! The big boys got dressed to go snow boarding, went to the mountain, which is literally a few minutes away from the resort, got in line to buy lift tickets, and it started pouring rain. Needless to say, they came back to the rooms, that's when these two looted their stuff.
It turned out to be an awesome weekend away. I'm totally a Wyndham fan. I love being a timeshare owner for so many reasons, with the #1 being, how easy it makes scheduling fun times with family and friends. Thanks Wyndham for providing awesome accommodations for my birthday weekend!

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