#3's Photos

#3 took the camera at the pool today and played photographer. Saying to us-- "Just give me emotion-- 
show me that smile--- you're great at this"--- all while in a funny accent. 
His original album consisted of over 200 pictures!!

He caught this great photo of #2!

As well as this one! She might not love that I put this one online!

He talked me into snapping this one after a few failed attempts. He couldn't reach far enough to get us all in!

One of my  favorites!! Such a cutie pie! Only if he behaved as well as he photographs!!

There's none of number 1 because he's still at space camp. He called the first night to tell me he was hungry, he didn't like dinner that much, and he wasn't allowed to leave the dorm to get food, but he wanted to go to the vending machine, because he couldn't sleep hungry. So I responded to just go to the vending machine so he could sleep. He was worried. So I told him-- if he got in trouble he'd still have 2 more mistakes to make before getting the boot- so go ahead. They operate a 3 strikes and you're out policy. He was shocked I gave him permission, but if he won't be able to sleep starving, then he'd be out of it the next day. I paid too much for him to not reap the full benefit!! 

I didn't hear from him after that and the camp didn't call, so I was unsure of the outcome. When I picked him up I was shocked to learn , that he did a responsible thing that first night-- he went and found the counselor and asked for permission to leave to get a snack! I'm so proud of him!! He told the truth and learned that it works!! Yay!!

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