Vacation has officially commenced!!!

We have started our journey from coast to coast! Beginning in Edisto Island we will kick start our summer travels accompanied by Grandma and Grandpa. Our travels here proved to be trying! Our first hotel room was infested with bugs-- creepy-- crying kids grossed out by their presence forced us to request a room change. Much comfier, I'm glad we did! Then followed by a breakfast that took FOREVER to come out of the kitchen. By the time it came, an hour and a half later, we were aggravated, and didn't feel much like eating it at that point!
So if you venture out to travel along I-95 stay clear of the Howard Johnson in Chester!

Along funner notes, we checked into the Edisto Island Resort and we love it!! Happy kids are a  great thing!!


  1. So you guys are on the road as Lulu said... Great little Lulu always giving me the right info.. I cannot wait to see pictures, ok? Make sure you put them on FB, too.. =)

    Miss you all and I wish I was there, too... I'm still having classes.. No break until July the 19th.

    Big hug, guys! Have fun!

  2. Katie this is sooo cool! I hope you can keep up with the blogging or get Ethan to help out! I can wait to hear about your adventures and your tips! Happy Travels!