First Day in Huntsville

First day in Huntsville walking along that canal we can see from our room. #2 and #3 threw some bread in to feed the fish. One jumped up and splashed and it startled both of them!
#2 was so peaceful feeding the wildlife! This picture is out of order and I can't get it to move!  It should be after the one below!

More than just the fish were receptive to being fed!

 These little ducks decided to follow around #3. It was really funny. We walked along the canal to the park across the street. Then more decided to flock #3!

#3 was like snow white where the animals were drawn to him. Tiny birds were swooping in to snatch bread from the ducks and the geese. This goose was bold enough, coming right up to #3. It ate the bread out of his hand. Then it chased him around for more. #3 was running away , while turning around periodically to growl and hiss back at the thing! I couldn't stop laughing-- on lookers found amusement as well!  

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