Another Museum Squeezed In

Tomorrow we depart Nashville and head on to another destination, so I thought we should squeeze in one more museum-- smarten the kids up! We went to the Adventure Science Center. It's a fun place- we went last year. It wasn't very crowded- thank goodness, and we got in for free with our science foundation membership.

I pray this is the only time-- or way that #3 has the privilege
of being in the back of an ambulance!

#2 and 3 playing a game against germs

Future Doctors???

The pulley they were hanging on lifted the car. If you look close you can
see the wheels lifted off the ground.

This car showed how an engine works. As you see they weren't very
interested in learning specifics-- they just wanted to play pretend! 
They got to sense how it feels to walk on the moon . While in line #3 called another child a name because he thought he cut in line. The kid ran to his dad and told him very loudly and pointed angrily at #3. I again felt the feeling of embarrassment creep into my cheeks. I made him apologize , and looked to the father to do the same, but the weirdo wouldn't even look at me!What in tarnation is that about.  I felt bad for all of about 3 seconds because then I heard the kids that were with the kid (4 other children) argue with him as well. Then the mom came over to see the problem and the kid started ranting like a lunatic about how the other kids don't like him. OH MY GOODNESS! Kid get a grip! So I didn't feel as bad, #3 said he said it under his breathe -not to the kids face-- not any better - but C'mon, I tried to talk it out to the dad and he wanted nothing to do with me-- I'm over it!

#3 tried to fly like Super man

After a few times of up and down- it became uncomfortable physically for #3. All I thought of was - I wish I had a setup like this in my house. Imagine if every time he got sassy I could just put him in a swing thing like this and make him hang for a few minutes. That would be awesome! #2 loved it. She would have stayed on all day if she was allowed.

She ventured onto another thing similar to rock climbing. But then we left because #3 said his foot hurt. He cut it while in Edisto on something in the ocean. I thought it became hard like a callus on the bottom of his foot around the cut, but he showed it to me there and holy Toledo it has a huge boil  like blister on top of where the incision was made. So we left so he could get off it.
We did go to eat though before going back to the resort. He said it didn't hurt when he wasn't walking on it. So we went to an open mic for singers. It was so fun!

We were able to get the table right in front of the stage!
We made it back to the room, shut our door, and then the sky opened up with torrential downpour. Talk about lucky timing! About Luck-- #2 is like lady luck-- not only does she win everything-- she finds money everywhere we go. She's already up to $1.47 in what we call "Lucky Money"- money she found on the ground- heads up. It all goes into her Lucky Money Jar so when she's older she can take an international trip or do something amazing with all the years of lucky money she has saved up!
So it's finally bedtime. I'm surprised it hasn't arrived earlier due to the fact that at 3am # 3 woke up and was watching TV. I woke to him changing channels. He said he couldn't sleep- so I went back to bed because I could. I made them wake up around 8 am today, and it's 10pm and they are still awake.How do kids do it??I'm ready for sleep, but I have laundry to finish.Our dryer quit on me this morning- so maintenance came to fix it. I have to get it done because the next 6 nights are at a regular hotel where laundry washing isn't an option!


  1. The hanging thing with #3 was so funny. I was laughing out loud. I could use one of those too! Maybe we could rig something up like those old jumpers we put them in as babies in the door way..LOL! #2 looks like she is really enjoying herself. The lucky money is a great idea! Will you really never let her spend it? I love that I am caught up and can't wait to hear more about the rest of your vacation. It is almost 3AM and I really should try to sleep.

    <3 Dawn

  2. She won't let herself spend it! She'll wait for something good! I never thought about rigging up a baby jumper thign-- it could work!

  3. She will come visit me :) right, miss Mia? (ask her, ask her.. lol...)