Pics from family visit in Fairfield Glade, TN

Message we found in a bottle in a stream
Seven story tree house that was in teh Guiness Book of World Records 

Sweaty boys after playing basketball

This is the view we awoke to every morning. Loved that it was so close!
So did the kids.

One of the many lakes here. 

I want a house like this in the future. Complete with lake view --or ocean--I'm not picky!

Our racoon friend

Field flowers we picked
First vacation puzzle completed

Second one done! 1000 pieces in 2 days--
Go Us!! Just turn your head slightly to the left to see it properly!!

Fairfield Glade's huge bath tub--more like swimming pool!

Come visit us again Boobah!!!! California isn't going to be an island any time soon!


  1. I will.. I will.. I wanna visit you again!!! Nice pictures!! =)

  2. What an awesome tub! Did you take a nice relaxing bubble bath with candles and champanee when the kids went to bed? Or did you all get in and have a party? So much fun!