A New Destination Has Welcomed Us!

A new destination has welcomed us with open arms. After packing our belongings and bidding a farewell  to our temporary abode, (upon returning room keys and borrowed movies), we filled the gas tank, and set out on our way to Nashville. Everyone here seems so nice!! It's only about 2 hours away from our previous location, but it seems we have entered a completely different environment, we have left the woods and entered a  more urban environment, but I like it!! Don't get me wrong, our last visiting place hosted nice people as well, but just a little differently.

 So the resort is beautiful, I had help with my luggage, which totally rocked, I don't have to hear any sales pitches, and  my only gripe is I'm too short to reach the dishes, I have to climb on the counter, but the room is amazing!! The pool is heated AND There is SO MUCH TO DO --- FOR FREE!!! This city is starting to win me over- although it does have a fierce competition from southern California. Plus the lobby is close enough to our room that I can send #1 to fetch my morning coffee instead of brewing it myself! That's a total bonus! I even believe that there is a Whole Foods in this town. Yay!!!

We arrived a few hours early to check in , so we had to wait for our room to be cleaned, but it was OK, I asked the desk if they would hold our field flowers and they said of course. But it was really funny because when I came back to get my room key and flowers, the receptionist admitted that when she saw the flowers she thought- who would deliver half dead flowers, but then saw the note. I explained that we picked them wild and then she got it, and was a little embarrassed. I think they are so pretty, they are wild grown-- they make the room a little more "homely" feeling!

After checking in we went to lunch (I splurged because our room wasn't ready and it only blew $40 of our budget) did our usual grocery run -- hitting me at around $60, but I did purchase the rest of the items needed for #1's space camp--which he goes to on Sunday. Space camp drop off came upon us very quickly.
After our shopping as we proceeded back to the resort we stumbled upon a beautiful military grave yard. We ventured in and drove around a bit, it was so breath taking to see the amount of gravestones that were  unmarked. I plan to return with the kids when the camera is unearthed from our suitcases. I'll post pictures to show the enormity of what I am speaking. Beautiful.  I also told the kids they can do gravestone rubbings on the really old stones.

After telling my  Husband he informed me that we received another response form the last batch of military care packages we sent. How ironic. Anyway, he's going to try to scan the letter into the computer to email to me-- another YAY!!

Every hotel we stay at, we have packed away all the complimentary toiletries and coffee with accompaniments and then we add that stuff to care packages. But the last few weeks collection is going to a homeless shelter in New Orleans when we visit!

Now the kids story-- Number 1 has been surprisingly helpful - at times a bit confrontational, but mostly not! Number 2 is always good, smiling, and helpful. Number 3 is always giving me a reason to question parenting. Tonight he decided he was going to repeatedly try to dunk the basketball in the pool hoop and hang on it-- throw the basketball at people, flirt with the teenage girls, and splash me with water. Ahh I have to breathe deep-- all while number 2 made a friend and is playing so nicely!!

Thank goodness it's time for bath and bed-- hopefully the day will play out a little easier with #3 tomorrow. We need to fit in some education on this trip -- we've been lacking in that area since the start of vacation- so I'm shooting for a museum tomorrow- it  is supposed to rain- so it sounds like a plan! Until then.

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