Someplace New

After posting last night my mom arrived!! Yeah! I love time spent with my mom! She came so her and #2 can go to Sewing Camp this week. Then she plans on traveling with us to the next location after camp ends.

So we have moved again. We packed up and brought our keys to the desk and the lady upon seeing me said " Aah room 1220 so your stay has ended - have a nice trip home" I think she really wanted to say "I'm so glad you're leaving and so is maintenance!". I had to call a few times about stupid stuff that wasn't my fault! Oh well - I'm glad to go on to the next place!

 Our temporary home is in Huntsville, AL at Embassy Suites. This chain is my favorite hotel place to stay when not in a time share. It has such spacious rooms and the cooked to order breakfast is one of my favorite things! Plus they offer a complimentary happy hour every night for 2 hours -- love it- Bonus! They even put kid friendly snacks out as well-- keeping all of us happy!

After settling in I decided to call Husband- and as I was on the phone with him in the bedroom I hear "Mama help ! and Mama come quick" so I hang up on Husband, and run into the other room to find #3 under the couch cushion and #2 sitting on top laughing! They scared me-- all I thought at first was "great- is #3's head stuck in some piece of furniture or did he finally break a bone-- or is his current wound bleeding" Gosh all that scare for nothing! I unearthed #3 from the cushion , then continued to unpack-- forgetting to fill Husband in .  Oops-- so about 20 minutes goes by and he calls and asks if anythings broke and I filled him in it was a false alarm -- thank goodness. Feeling like Whoops I let him worry for a while!

Then we made our way to sewing camp check in to pick up all of #2's mmaterials. She is so excited! So is Grandma. My Aunt came in today too!! So it's really nice. We all went to happy hour-- #2 dropped her plate of snacks on the ground and watched it shatter. Many ladies came to her rescue and all I thought was -- "Shocker" It's par for our course to be the center of attention! So I took her hand , made her a new plate, informed the bartender and walked away-- she was so embarrassed! Then ordered a beer so I could calm down!!

Afterwards we ordered take out and had a nice dinner with my Mom and Aunt, and then bath and an early bedtime. Thank goodness- these kids needed some early shut eye!
Until tomorrow!


  1. I am glad that #3 is okay. I am sure that #2 thought it was really funny...LOL! Wow, so nice for your mom to come and your Aunt too! You are so blessed by your family. Enjoy your stay and your happy hour. Have a drink or two for me!

    <3 Dawn