Yay-- We had visitors!

So my sister in law brought my niece and nephews to visit us for the last few days. We had such a good time. This resort is like a summer camp for families. It's so neat, there are trails through the woods that go under the roadway, instead of crossing with children, that lead to the outdoor pool, the gymnasium and crafts center, the indoor pool, the tennis courts, and the lakes. We walked everywhere so we could travel the pathways!

Since we've been here we have seen much wildlife. We had a raccoon come right up to the patio sliding door, so we through bits of bread at it and watched it eat. 

It was so cute. Then we came home to a skunk passing our doorway. Number 3 almost got sprayed because he decided to chase it amid my screams of "Get over here-- come back---STOP"!!! Luckily for all of us,the last saying proved to be effective and 3 returned to my side. Ethan was encountered by a fox while walking from our room to my family's room, I heard it and ran like a sissy(it was really dark outside), but he was able to see it. Then we had a snake in the front yard, and we also saw many chipmunks, squirrels, and a deer!

We also turned all our walks into flower picking time, they are just so beautiful!

All the kids had a blast and I enjoyed company as well. Today we went to the largest tree house in North America, it was in the Guinness Book of Records. It's 7 floors of tree house. It was built by a Pastor to hold sermons in. We went last year, but it's so cool , we had to go again, and show the fam before they left. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Since our last visit, they had cleaned it up a ton and added some new things. If you are ever in Crossville TN be sure to stop and see.

The family headed out today after a super fun filled visit to our temporary abode. We were sad to see them peace out, but hope they'll meet up with us again!

Our stay here has been a good one, my only gripe being I had to move rooms, and my new room wasn't as good as the first one. Plus a good portion of my day was spent moving. Bummer! But I am excited to say that my status at Wyndham is finally VIP Platinum!!! And I was able to obtain a room in Oceanside, CA while surfing the website last night. Yeah!!! I'm so excited!!!

Tomorrow marks the end of this resort stay and the beginning of a new one. We are off to a country music capital and hopefully some good lawn entertainment!

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