Space Camp Day Has Arrived!

What a long day! We awoke early to ensure proper departure time to get to space camp by check in. I let #1 choose where we ate, since we would need to eat lunch out due to our 2 hour drive --each way. So he chose Hardees--not my first choice but it wasn't terrible. I'll just wake up with swollen slitty eyes tomorrow since I opted for fries and a fried chicken sandwich. #3 decided to cry like a deprived child since I wouldn't let him get a milkshake. So I took him to the bathroom for a chat, and when he came out he amped up the tears and everyone in the place looked at us like I just beat him! When we got back to the table #1 inquired if I did? I responded of course not, and was instantly embarrassed and looked around the place to see all eyes on me. Freakin' kid-- even if I entertained the idea of a stupid shake after he ate his lunch he can forget it now-- plus that fast food garbage ate $31 from my wallet. If he behaves, I'll make him a shake in the room with the ice cream and milk we need to use before moving! Gosh!!!

We finally made it to Space Camp after a few wrong turns. #1 was a little embarrassed I was the only mom around with the camera constantly in his face, but he dealt with it!
We checked him in and settled his stuff into his bunk.

#2 & #3 on the ladder to a bunk --acting like monkeys!

How cool are these sleeping quarters!

After settling #1 into his bunk, we were able to walk around the museum before orientation. Thank goodness, I felt that these kids needed some brain stimulation after dulling their cells with the boob tube.

It took bribery to get #1 into this picture-- an extra buck for the vending machines during camp week! He can eat all the candy his $20 will allow him to! I figure out of sight -out of mind!! I'll just make him brush and floss a little extra upon his return to the family!! Plus at vending machine costs- he won't be able to score that much!

#1 & 2

#3 and 2

#2 and 3

#2 captured a hug gone into a head lock from #3
That kid's going to turn me gray-- oh wait he already is!!

#2 weighing herself in moon and mars weight

The time came to part ways with #1 and let him partake in sleep away camp activities. Orientation ended and I just couldn't leave yet-- so I let #2 and 3 walk around a little more. On our way back to leave the grounds we saw #1 and he was smiling and chatting with his peers (YAY!!!). So I was OK with finally leaving knowing he'll be alright.
 I just have to tell something that made me chuckle inside upon our drop off. We had to go to the nurse to drop off his meds. So we walked there and opened the door and the line was SO LONG! 

Anyway we left and made it back to the resort in time for the welcome party! It was more like a concert- we got to see a band play and various singers got up and sang. It was awesome. It was held at the Ernest Tubbs Record Shop Texas Troubadour Theatre. Very cool. Ernest Tubbs tour bus was there and we got to go inside.

Then we went in to hear the music and see who won the raffles. #2 was the first ticket winner announced. Since she's shy she sent #3 (who clearly isn't) to go fetch her prize.

She won a free appetizer at a restaurant we planned to go to anyway--Bonus!
But the night didn't end there-- why would it -- we're on vacation and bedtime is sometimes optional. So we went to the pool. I let them swim for awhile. There was a ton of kids so they got to play. #3 showed off for the older girls doing front flips and #2 just played so nicely. I met a few moms to chat with. One looked like me it was freaky and her daughter looked like #2. People asked if we were sisters. It was weird, but she was nice. Another of the ladies justt left the military-- very interesting. I love meeting strangers and hearing their stories! I think that's part of the reason I love to travel so much! Then we finally did showers and bed. Until tomorrow...


  1. You left #1 alone at camp? Good for you! I am sure he will have a BLAST..LOL! Maybe you can get him to blog alittle or you could transpose. How cool is that, space camp..WOW! Keep us posted!

    <3 Dawn