Funny Dumb Moment

When I was at the parent orientation at space camp- the director told us to get out our pens and write down an emergency phone number . So I comply and do what he says and he states the number as 186 then space. So I'm waiting for him to continue- I already wrote down 186 ... what are the rest of the numbers. He repeats the same thing - so I figure he means like space as in space bar and I'm mentally trying to figure out what key would be the space key on the phone as I visualize the keypad. I can't figure it out and just as I am about to raise my hand he says-- for those of you that needs numbers they correspond with the letters S-P-A-C-E and rattles off  the numerical translation.

Thank Goodness I did not raise my hand! I thought I was embarrassed when #3 pretended to cry as if he was beat to obtain a milk shake -- I would have been mortified! Sometimes I wish my brain would always work and remain in a constant "ON" position-- but so far -- no such luck!!


  1. LMAO! That is so funny. I got it right away and was wondering how you were going to figure it out! How is #1 doing at camp?

    <3 Dawn

  2. He's doing awesome. Can you interpret what the letters you started with mean?!

  3. Katie! Glad you all are having the best time ever! Reading your blog is oh so entertaining! Keep em' posting!

    Rommy :)

  4. Laugh My A#$ Off!

  5. Hi Katie and wonderful grandchildren - this is grandma Z. Dad showed me where to find your trip. I love seeing your pictures - have a great trip.

  6. Katie,

    LMAO= Laughing My As** Off
    LOL = Laughing out loud
    L2M= Laughing too much