Edisto Beach is Amazing!

We have transitioned into vacation mode sooner than normal, it usually takes a few days to become acclimated, this trip took about a day! I have already expanded my portfolio of timeshare points , thanks to Wyndham's incredible pitch, and now have no worries about where to stay!

Mother Nature has sent me along on my way with a parting gift from my backyard, a delightful patch of poison ivy along my arms.Thanks Mother Nature!! It showed itself about a day after departing and is slowly spreading to my face and legs-- Why did I decide to plant flowers before heading out!?!The salt water is helping some.

Back to vacation notes, We love this town and will definitely include it in future travels. We have heard it referred to as "Edislow", such a fitting nickname! Everything is so laid back, the restaurants are all mom and pop locations with delicious homemade food, it takes a while to get served, but it is so worth the wait-- everywhere we have been!!! There is no garbage fast food locations, or big box stores! I love it!! And as a bonus, all the locals and other vacationers are friendly. I forgot to mention that the fried scallops were delicious no matter where they came from!

Our unit faced the bay (complete with a private beach), so we could sit on the patio and watch the dolphins frolic in the water. If we chose to go to the beach, we just had to go down a flight of steps out our back door. Stunning!

While vacationing bay side, the kids have tried their hand at fishing, clam catching (with success, we cooked some!), beach walks, and shell hunting/collecting. We were even privy to a private island fire work showcase that was absolutely an amazing site to view! A local sells fireworks for a living, as it was his claim to fame, and he rents a barge, and goes full out! The show rivaled that of something Disney would put on. Amazing!!!

Today we tried going to the ocean side beach. The water was so rough the kids were a bit skiddish about wading in. I, as a neurotic mother, was O.K. with their hesitation, and convinced them to hold my hand. Good thing, because the waves kept knocking them right over. Number One was brave and ventured out to water with a depth deeper than his head, I couldn't take my view off of him, because I was afraid the ocean was going to swallow him whole. I was much calmer with gripping number Two and Threes little hands as tightly as I could without hurting them. It got to the point where number Three's knees hurt from falling and called it quits. Two followed quickly after, and One got thrown so hard, his boogie board smacked into his face as salt water rushed up each nostril-- not a pleasant feeling! So we lasted in rough waters longer than I anticipated upon seeing it, with a whopping total of 30 minutes!

Back to the bay side we went! Showers were not optional upon return, due to massive amounts of tiny seashells covering every one of our bodies. Post cleansing, we indulged in one last bay beach excursion as tomorrow morning marks a new location in our adventure. We are off to the woods!!


  1. I hope you are feeling better, Katie. Thks for sharing the adventures.. Tell the kids I want some of the shells... LOL.. Miss you all.



  2. Sounds like a mixed bag of nuts! Glad you are having fun and hoping the itch is going away. Hey you got poison Ivy and I got Lyme Disease..LOL! Where is this place? Looks a like a jem of a find!