Tipping Etiquette???

O.K. so as I have stated numerous times vacation is in full swing -- but I am clueless on one thing-- tipping etiquette. For someone traveling pretty frequently, I sure am lost when it comes to this. I know I'm supposed to leave a tip for the cleaning lady and the guy who brings your bags to the room. But these full functioning resorts offer more than a normal hotel in service so it leaves me confused. For instance at the beach, there was a golf cart "trolley" to take you to the beach, you called and they picked you up at your room, or you walked 5 miles. Then when you need extra blankets or run out of paper towels or dish soap - you call and walla it appears at your door. So how do figure a tip - or is it included in the steep price tag of resorts that offer such amenities. I welcome comments to help me tackle this dilemma!


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  2. Ask Hamma.. LOL... Or better: ask Papa and see what he comes up with.. =D Or just like HOME ALONE tell Lulu to answer the door and give away candy instead of money.